Love letter...

"Dear Soula,
Why mwre do you kratas moutra me?
Afou you know i love you karga...
Mexri yesterday we had gamo ta moments don't moy thn spas twra.
What allakse now?
You don't goystareis me anymore?
You have found a gomeno mori?
I can not believe that there is kanenas like me.
Who is the tsoglan you goystareis and what exei more than me?
Remember Kitsous de Masaei.
Ma giati re koula do you pikreneis me at this dificult moment of my life?
Afoy you know i have to mazepso Elies gamw MY FELEK...
I don't want to koyrasw you but don't give my nerve giati i'll give you Shoot.
Mexri kai lessons agglikwn you always wanted ekana to see how much i am kapsoyris with you.
Kisses Kitsos. "

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